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Okay, FINAL prediction time...I'm ranking them how I think the voting will go, not who I would pick or who I want to win.

1. Chad Duell, GH
2. Chandler Massey, DAYS
3. Eddie Alderson, OLTL
4. Nathan Parsons, GH
Who Will Win : Chad Duell, GH
Who Should Win : Chandler Massey, DAYS/Chad Duell, GH (tie, IMO)
Who I Want To Win : Chandler Massey, DAYS
Spoiler : Eddie Alderson, OLTL
Nathan Parsons reel is very realistic and has Ethan questioning whether he is destined to be an alcoholic like Luke because of genetics. I still don't think he has a chance, but its better than I thought. When I saw he was nominated, I thought REALLY? FOR WHAT?! I think he should have cut out the scenes between Ethan and Sonny because Maurice Benard blows him away there. He's strong with Lexi Ainsworth, though. Eddie Alderson's reel is good. I think this one could go any of three ways. Alderson has a strong shot because OLTL is no longer on the air and nostalgia has to help a little bit. He goes through every possibly emotion in his reel and he's always been known as one of the best younger actors in daytime. I wouldn't be shocked to see him pull this out for those reasons. But his reel may be a little bit too soapy, as with all things OLTL. For me the two favorites are almost too close to call. Chad Duell's reel starts off strong with ACTION as Michael saves Abby from being raped by her ex and beats the Hell out of him. Then Chad Duell is amazing in FINALLY revealing his rape at the hands of Carter to Jason. Its nearly impossible to watch the last 3 minutes of this reel without crying. Plus having been robbed last year can't hurt his chances. Chandler Massey has a great shot at this with another really strong reel. Will and Marlena have a great talk about Will's confusion when it comes to his sexuality. Chandler and Deidre are both great in this and it cannot hurt to have a Daytime icon in your reel. This is socially relevant and its what soaps are based on.

1. Christel Khalil, Y&R
2. Shelley Hennig, DAYS
3. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, B&B
4. Molly Burnett, DAYS
Who Will Win : Christel Khalil, Y&R
Who Should Win : Christel Khalil, Y&R
Who I Want To Win : Shelley Hennig, DAYS
Spoiler : JMW, B&B
Molly Burnett's reel was another reel that I didn't expect to be as good as it was. When she got nominated I again thought, "HUH?!" but it turns out she did deserve it. She goes through another wide range of emotions that Emmy voters love. Plus her being previously nominated makes her somewhat of a dark horse in this one. Melanie going off on Chloe is something that voters usually enjoy. Shelley Hennig kills it in her reel. I have seen most experts ranking her 4th out of this group and I'm not really sure why. This reel has DRAMA on top of DRAMA. The only complaint I have is that the reel is slightly confusing if you don't watch the show. Its a little convoluted. I still think Hennig shines here. Christel Khalil puts in the best work she has ever put in on Y&R. The storyline is a little out there and that could hurt, but she acts her ass off. Lily thinks she's going crazy as she thinks she's imaging her dead husband. She prepares to have herself committed at the end of the reel. I cannot find Jacqueline MacInnes Wood's reel anywhere, but she is the only leading lady in this category so that has to count for something. She also seems to be a ratings popper and she has been in films. All of these are good things for her.
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