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1. Jonathan Jackson, GH
2. Matt Ashford, DAYS
3. Sean Blakemore, GH
4. Jason Thompson, GH
5. Bradford Anderson, GH
Who Will Win : Jonathan Jackson, GH
Who Should Win : Jonathan Jackson, GH
Who I Want To Win : Matt Ashford, DAYS
Spoiler : None, really. Its Jackson's.
Bradford Anderson shows a ton of heart in his reel and it shows why people love Spinelli so much. The stupid accent HAS to hurt his chances because its almost hard to get through, even though Bradford does a great job with the material. Matt Ashford is the only non-GH actor nominated in this category and for good reason. I love his reel and I think its perfectly acted by both Matt Ashford and Deidre Hall. Ashford talks about his past demons (both of his fathers, being held captive) and finally opens up about his time in Afghanistan by breaking down into Marlena's arms. Great reel. Oh, and flashbacks! Always a favorite of voters. Sean Blakemore's nomination was another surprise, but PTSD looks like a winner this year. He's also better than expected. Jonathan Jackson has basically had this award sown up since this episode aired. This is the same as last year and I think this award is a forgone conclusion. Jason Thompson's reel is the total opposite of all of the others. Its light and funny. Warm-hearted. That could have some effect on voters, but I seriously doubt it. It was refreshing to watch this reel last after all of the other heavy reels though.

1. Rebecca Herbst, GH
2. Genie Francis, Y&R
3. Elizabeth Hendrickson, Y&R
4. Nancy Lee Grahn, GH
5. Melissa Claire Egan, AMC
Who Will Win : Rebecca Herbst, GH
Who Should Win : Rebecca Herbst, GH
Who I Want To Win : Rebecca Herbst, GH
Spoiler : Genie Francis, Y&R
Melissa Claire Egan plays an out of control Annie, to perfection. She is so vulnerable and delusional and she was a true shining star during her last run with AMC. Genie Francis FINALLY was allowed to bring all of the things we love about GENIE FRANCIS to the role Genevieve during her submission. Genie is great as she fights her emotion and shock that Colin is actually presenting her with divorce papers. She admits to Jack that Colin is the only man she's ever been with. WOW, Nancy Lee Grahn proves why she is a legend in her reel. Its subtle and VERY NLG of her. Alexis is strong and serious in this reel, not backing down while Carly throws accusations at her. Elizabeth Hendrickson is also very good as a mother upset with herself for not putting her daughter first when its revealed that Delia has leukemia. Rebecca Herbst absolutely rips your heart out in her submission. Herbst plays a mother who has to decide when to pull the plug on her dying son and also whether to donate his organs to save the child of a woman she can't stand.
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