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Okay, I'm tired of long write-ups for now and I have things to do before the Emmys, lol. Rainy day here...so quick versions...

1. Tony Geary, GH
2. Darnell Williams, AMC
3. Robert S. Woods, OLTL
4. Maurice Benard, GH
5. John McCook, B&B
Who Will Win : Tony Geary, GH
Who Should Win : Tony Geary, GH
Who I Want To Win : Tony Geary, GH or Robert S. Woods, OLTL
Spoiler : Darnell Williams, AMC
For me this is a two man race between Tony Geary and Darnell Williams. I don't think Maurice Benard submitted his strongest possible reel. John McCook's reel is very relevant and realistic. Its also something that soaps never touch on so he deserves his nomination, although I don't think he's in the race. Robert S. Woods is a legend and has a little nostalgia on his side, considering the end of OLTL. His reel is very good as Bo wrestled with the idea of pulling the plug on his son and giving his heart to his brother, Clint.

1. Debbi Morgan, AMC
2. Erika Slezak, OLTL
3. Heather Tom, B&B
4. Laura Wright, GH
5. Crystal Chappell, DAYS
Who Will Win : Debbi Morgan, AMC
Who Should Win : Debbi Morgan, Erika Slezak
Who I Want To Win : Erika Slezak
Spoiler : Heather Tom, Laura Wright
Crystal Chappell's reel is the shortest by 2 minutes. Laura Wright's is the next shortest and then everyone else has long reels. Erika Slezak's reel is by far the longest reel in any category at 30:00. I don't know if that will hurt her or help her yet. There is some classic OLTL camp in her reel, but everyone knows she is Emmy GOLD. I think Slezak's performance is epic and deserving of an award but this is a tough, tough year. Any other year I would hand it to her on a silver platter. I don't know if the voters are still willing to accept multiple personalty storylines. They seem to want to go more realistic these days. Chappell's reel is not all that to me. I'm not a fan of it. I guess it was nominated because of how short it is and because there's practically no dialogue. Maybe because of how different it is. Laura Wright is a powerhouse once again and I wouldn't be shocked to see her walk away with it. Debbi Morgan just blows you away with her reel. She might be a little bit OTT at times but this reel is crazy good. She has to be the favorite. Heather Tom is another person that voters absolutely LOVE. She could set a record as the first person to ever win in three different categories at the Emmys. If voters knew that it might skew them a little bit. Her submission is strong too as Katie rails against Steffy and Bill. Telling Bill that he will have to beg for forgiveness if he wants them to work things out. This one is WIDE open.
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