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Jun 24 2012, 01:59 PM
Jun 24 2012, 01:32 PM
Since that's the case for every entry, I suppose it evens the playing field to only have one or two episodes represent the entire year.
Well, it allows people with possibly one good performance all year to compete on an even playing field with people with possibly 100 good performances all year. Theoretically that first person could be anyone, and so could that second person, but that would only even out to an approximate "fair" over years and years and only if all actors were given similar numbers of high and low years over that time. Since the pool of talent in soaps is in constant flux and most careers do not accumulate to the point where the number of years is a decent sample size and since actors who get a lot of material are more likely to continue getting more, it is not likely to even out over time. And since the amount of good material a given actor gets in a given year is predetermined and unchanging, it's still not fair within a given year.

The problem with the Daytime Emmys is always that there's no soap academy, I think. That puts pressure on the stars who submit themselves to be "fair" for whatever definition of the word is even agreed upon (and how do you regulate that etc). Judges are told to judge based on the reels but there is no way to guarantee that those reels are representative.
Really good points. I was referring more to best show entries, but your logic still applies.

When it comes to actor nods, I was also thinking about the vital relationship between show/writer/character/actor. So, for example, the GH writers seem to love JJ and his character Lucky. They seem to "get" Lucky and enjoy writing for his "voice." Not to take anything away from JJ's performance, but that has to make his job easier -- to be able to work with strong material that is character-based. On the other hand, if the material is thin and not true to character, the actor has a much harder task to try to spin something out of it. Heck, that can happen even within the same show if writers have preferences for some characters over others.

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