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Viewing Single Post From: 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards: Live Viewing Thread
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^ My face watching DAYS

-Chandler winning
-Heather Tom winning
-Deidre & Kristian presenting
-Tony Geary getting lost on the way to the stage
-The group of youngens presenting to the Leads
-In Memoriam

-Susan Lucci stealing the AMC/OLTL tribute for herself
-Susan Lucci's hair...was that a fucking WIG?
-NO FUCKING THEME MUSIC (cheap as mother fucking fuck HLN!)
-DAYS winning Best Writing Team (LOL!!!!)
-GH winning Best Drama Series (HAHA!)
-AOL "OMGZ LOLZ" Viral Video crap
-Supermarket music
-No best show reels

I thought HLN did an earnest job, but the it all felt INCREDIBLY cheap...the stage was downright embarassing.

BUT it was better than the Vegas Promotional Show last year.
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