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Well, to say the least, the awards were -- interesting. The alligator may have been the highlight of the show. I would have loved to have seen it take a great big bite out of the Emmy Award. I appreciated Cameron Matthison giving a shout out to GL & ATWT (but, I'm sure, there will be Passions fans who will be ticked off that Passions was not mentioned. I never thought of Passions as a soap -- I thought of it as a comic strip.)

At last year's awards, with Jon and Kelley Menighan Hensley, our beloved ATWT received a 40 second tribute. How can you properly pay tribute to a 54 year long show in 40 seconds?

The 'In Memoriam,' sadly, did not include Linda Cook, who played Laurie Ann Karr Lamont Dallas on 'The Edge of Night' from 1975-77, and 1984, and Egypt on 'Loving' from 1988-91, and 1993-94). An even bigger oversight our beloved Anthony Herrera, whose character of James Stenbeck on ATWT spanned three decades. Totally unforgivable and inexcusable!
That was a big oversight on their part. I felt the show was 'forced.' And, even with Susan Lucci surrounded by Erika Slezak and Cameron Matthison, I felt an awkwardness.

Susan Lucci may be considered the Queen of Daytime for her 41 years on AMC, but was there any tribute given to Erika Slezak and her 40 year run on OLTL. No, not one word. It was if she was an 'Under five line' day player. Again, outrageously unforgivable!

OLTL was barely even mentioned, as opposed to AMC. I was rooting for two categories - Younger Actor & Actress. My friend Steve is about to throw in the towel on watching DOOL after 25 years. He, in fact, has told me that when Molly Burnett leaves in a couple of months, he will leave Salem, too. I was happy for Chandler Massey winning, was disappointed that Molly didn't win (we share the same birthday).

If they didn't devote half of the show on these 'new' categories, there would have been more time to properly give tribute to AMC and OLTL.

As Erika Slezak said, the soaps were the backbone of daytime. But, now with only four shows left on the air, they are relegated to the nose-bleed section of the auditorium, behind the 'new approaches' category, the culinary category and the judge show category.

The usual suspects won...GH, Anthony Geary, Jonathan Jackson, and Jeopardy. I do not begrudge 'Jeopardy's' win, because I am an information junkie, and I will regularly yell out the answers before the contestants do. My dear wife gently admonishes me by saying that they can not hear me.

I was scratching my head about the DOOL Writing Award win, because my friend Steve has not been happy with the writing. And, neither were the TPTB at Days, apparently, because they gave last year's writing team the pink slip.

The producing team of 'General Hospital' were also given the sack, but they won for Best Daytime Drama Series.

With only four shows left on the air, it might be better for them to hold a non-televised banquet, as the Academy Awards did, for motion pictures, in the late 1920's and 1930s.
I am just so grateful that Moonves' wifey-poo and her fellow yackers on 'The Talk' did not win, if they had, I would have gotten sick.

The more I analyzed the show last night, the more revved up I got to putting my words into writing. I was also thinking about the future, the far distant future, and how soap history will be written. ATWT's Hank Elliott (Brian Starcher - 1988-89) will be remembered as the first gay character and Chandler Massey (DOOL) will be remembered as the first actor to play a gay character to win an Emmy Award. Van Hansis will be just a footnote, despite his three Emmy nominations for his role of Luke Snyder on ATWT.

Frankly, I am surprised that they did not give the Lifetime Achievement Awards to Brian Frons and Les Moonves. During the course of his career, Brian Frons killed Search for Tomorrow at CBS in 1982 and again in 1986 on NBC after a 35 year combined run, and AMC and OLTL in 2011. Les Moonves obliterated 126 years of broadcast history with the cancellations of GL in 2009 and ATWT in 2010. If ever there two men who changed the face of daytime, they certainly are the ones.

I have been a life-long soap fan, and, I firmly believe that the soaps deserved better treatment than they received with this year's Emmy Award broadcast. As Anthony Geary said, we are heading in the direction of seeing 'Celebrity Boob Jobs Gone Wrong' on our daytime television screens.
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