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lmfao just watched it.

first of what the hell was up with that god awful music?it felt like i was in a circus! :shame: (so annoying)

highlight of the episode was seeing tony geary getting lost in the audience while shaking hands that he lost the way to get to the stage. :roflol:

omg susan lucci?man,that was the longest speach ever!!!!i fell asleep during one minute and had to FF!then when CM and ES joined her at the stage,she felt so uncomfortable,kept staring at the camera to see if she could fit in the shot. :mutley: before that,she tried way to hard to pay a tribute to AMC,(if u can call it that)the audience barely cheered or said we love u susan. :facepalm: :teehee:

Chandler he was so cute and shy,loved his speech and that he won.he so deserved it!

DEIDRE,oh YES.Again im super happy that she went with blue gown she was the hottest actress that night imo.Loved how she SHH the audience while she was telling who won the award.HAHA u go DEIDRE YEAH!

still bummed that EH and RH didnt win BOO!
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