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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

From Zap2it TV Guide: http://tvlistings.zap2it.com/tv/days-of-our-lives/episode-guide/EP00001189

Will has second thoughts as E.J. prepares to take the lie-detector test; Daniel and Nicole enjoy a fun, romantic date; Ian tries to cover his tracks.

E.J. is shocked by the lie-detector test results; Lucas wants an explanation from Will; Nicole and Daniel are swept away by passion.

Sami and E.J. have an argument that is fraught with sexual tension; Gabi plans a fun outing with Chad; Melanie pretends to bond with Andrew.

Lucas makes an assumption when he sees E.J. and Sami together; John is determined to take over DiMera Enterprises; Gabi asks Andrew to let Melanie go.

Lucas vows to protect his family; someone plants evidence in E.J.'s apartment; Chad searches for Melanie.

**UPDATED 6/28**

National Enquirer Spoilers
-EJ receives the result to the polygraph test.
-Dan gets a distressing call from Carly.
-John reveals his intent to take control of the family empire.
-An epic confrontation builds between Lucas and EJ.
-Rafe finds something shocking in EJ's apartment.
-Chad finds Melanie's bracelet in Andrew's house.

**UPDATED 7/1**

Monday ("Taking the Test")
EJ consents to taking a polygraph test to prove his innocence; Nicole and Daniel can't fight their attraction.

Tuesday ("The Failed Test")
Will tells the police that EJ could not have killed Stefano; Daniel and Nicole discuss their relationship.

Wednesday ("Coming Clean")
Sami tries to get EJ to open up to her; Chad receives an alarming call from Carly.

Thursday ("Missing")
Chad and Daniel file a missing person report; Andrew blackmails Gabi.

Friday ("The Love Triangle")
Sami is caught in the middle of Lucas and EJ's conflict; Chad puts himself in danger hoping to rescue Melanie.

**UPDATED 7/3**

Monday July 9:
EJ agrees to take the polygraph test and is amused when Will has second thoughts.
Roman wonders if EJ will sabotage the test and he does!
A mysterious figure pays off the polygraph administrator, making EJ look guilty.
Nicole and Daniel have a day of romance and fun at the arcade. They wind up in bed.
Brady tries convincing Madi that Ian set him up.
Ian is horrified when Kate almost drinks a spiked protein shake!

Tuesday July 10:
EJ's shocked to have failed his polygraph.
Rafe starts to wonder if EJ may not be guilty after all.
Spencer has to remind Roman to use evidence against EJ, not his gut instincts.
Sami learns EJ failed the polygraph and asks if he killed his father.
Lucas finds Will barking orders on the phone and has a stern warning.
Daniel and Nicole are once again swept away with passion.
Daniel's worried he and Nicole will end up in a love triangle.

Wednesday July 11:
Sami continues accusing EJ of killing Stefano. EJ lashes out at Sami and Will sides with EJ.
At the end of the day, Sami and EJ's argument is fraught with sexual tension and they end up face-to-face, about to kiss.
John decides to claim his birthright and take control of the DiMera empire.
Gabi and Chad bond until Carly calls and tells Chad that Melanie never came to Europe.
Melanie tries to charm Andrew.
Andrew flies into a rage.

Thursday July 12:
EJ are on the verge of a kiss and EJ pulls back. The awkwardness is intense.
EJ can't prove his innocence to Sami.
Lucas is shocked to find Sami with EJ, and thinks she believes he's innocent.
Daniel and Chad go to SPD to report Melanie missing.
Gabi panics and insists Andrew let Mel go, but he won't.

Friday July 13:
Epic confrontation between Lucas and EJ.
Sami kisses Lucas passionately and tells her he'll protect their family.
A dark figure plants EJ's gloves that he threw away at the pier.
The cops find the gloves during a search of the mansion.
Chad and Daniel keep up the search for Melanie.
Andrew takes off with Melanie.
Chad does a house-to-house search on Andrew's block and finds something!


Heated confrontations.

EJ shows up at the Salem PD to take the polygraph test. This makes Will nervous and Roman suspicious. EJ does his best to botch the test by playing mind games with the cops. However, the test administrator receives a mysterious visit and a bribe to make sure EJ looks guilty. Will tries defending his boss against everyoneís accusations. In spite of this, Elvis is furious with Will and blames him for putting him in this position. EJ drifts through town is distress. When he bumps into Sami and acts fidgety, she wonders if heís guilty. She nags him about it until he has a fit. Lashing out at her, he says she deserves to be alone forever. They argue about this so intensely that their tongues nearly tough each other. They pull away and he ask her to look after the children if anything happens to him. Meanwhile, Willís cockiness is annoying his father. Lucas demands to know what he is up to. Will wonít tell him so Lucas turns to John and Marlena for help. John decides itís time to Ďneutralizeí Elvis for the sake of the family. To do that, he declares itís high time that he take control of the DiMera empire himself. Lucas goes off to find Sami and finds her in a close moment with EJ. He is not happy. Both men get territorial about Sami. She doesnít appreciate it. However, itís Lucas who actually gets to kiss her.

Back at the station, the cops debate the case. Rafe starts having doubts about EJís guilt but the mystery person soon arrives to hand some evidence to Roman. The dark figure heads to Elvisí apartment to plant the gloves that EJ threw away after the murder. The cops show up soon after with a search warrant and easily find them. Elvis is flummoxed.

After Nicole kicks Danielís butt on the basketball court, she makes him give her a foot massage which leads to riotous sex. The sex continues into the next day but things quickly cool when they come close to having a conversation about their feelings. She realizes that Daniel doesnít want to be sucked into some stupid, endless triangle. Meanwhile, Brady continues his seemingly endless attempt to convince Madison that he isnít a lying junkie. Ian will make him harder to believe because he has all of Bradyís protein drinks taken away before they can be tested. Kate nearly drinks one and Ian flips out.

Gabi actually manages to keep Chad distracted for five minutes. The spell is broken when Carly calls, frantic to know where her daughter is. Chad freaks out and scurries to Daniel to inform him that his daughter has gone missing. They turn to the police but soon realize that the Salem PD are useless and go looking on their own. Meanwhile, Mel tries to win Andrew over with her charms. The gullible loser buys it for a minute, but then turns on her and gets nasty. Gabi shows up and tells Andrew they have to let Mel go immediately. He doesnít like that plan and makes it clear to Gabi that he has enough evidence to take her down with him. After she storms off, he smuggles Mel out. Chad soon shows up at Andrewís after tracking her phone. The only thing thatís left of his girlfriend is her bracelet.

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