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Jun 26 2012, 12:40 PM
Well it looks like the beginning of the end for Lumi if Lucas assumes something that isn't based on witnessing and encounter between Ej and Sami.

Then he's vowing to protect his family and the next spoiler over is that someone plants evidence in Ej's apartment. I'm still saying it's Ian, and Lucas will play out as the red herring....Sami again will likely believe that Lucas framed Ej, he'll tell her he's not but wishes he had, she won't believe him and that brings to light their trust issues, which in the end ALWAYS amount to their breakup.

I love that John is making a play for Dimera Enterprises...that should be good.
I am seething right now; I....can...barely...type. :censored:

If things go this way, I call rehash, rehash, rehash. I have suffered this loss for pretty much the same reasons once before; I won't be watching just to have everything I love be trampled on FOR THE SAME G-D REASONS AGAIN!!! Lumi wouldn't seem so tired, maybe, if the writers didn't keep putting them in the same situations all the time.

These spoilers sound terrible (except for the John DiMera Enterprises one. That does sound pretty interesting, actually, and I would love to see John make headway in this regard). Also not sure why Will has second thoughts when EJ decides to take the lie-detector test. I think the theory about him fearing he will lose his advantage should the truth of EJ's paternity come to light, is probably very accurate.

who didn't see that sami argues with EJ "sexual tension" spoiler coming from a mile away? I sure did. EJill may be a stand alone s/l or dynamic for some reasons, but it's def in service to Ejami for some others too. Just like it seems sooo may s/lines or small moments these past few months have been. blech.

this show. long summer. my afternoons suddenly freed up. :flipoff:
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