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Jun 26 2012, 12:26 PM
Jun 26 2012, 12:23 PM
John going after Dimera Enterprises--- I like this spoiler--- could lead to some good EJ-John scenes.
What if Steffy planned to leave Dimera Enterprises to Kristen and she comes back to take over? Steffy had to leave it to someone, especially if he took EJ out of his will.
I def think this will have something to do with Kristen's return.
Well maybe its kind of interesting that John tries to take the Dimera enterprises from EJ... but I hope that neither EJ or John gets it in the end and that Kristen comes in and takes on the Dimera power or/and EJ remains as Dimera head.

Actually thinking about it, they could split it between all three... Kristen, John and EJ get each a chunk of the Enterprises and battles to get full access or whatever. Wish that Stefano left that kind of a bargain afterward,.. LOL.

I am not at all liking this framing Ej plot.. does he not have enough on his table. What about this lie.detector stuff. Why should he be shocked? And who the hell is planting evidence in his house? Rafe i am sure or Nicole.... hmff.. or maybe Lucas. I just feel sorry for EJ.. he has lost so much and everyone is against him. He is just so lonely,... I wish Hope would reach out to him or something.. LOL Just someone.. (not nicole.. her ship has sunk now that she looked for evidence against him)

The EJAMI scenes sounds interesting.
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