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Anyone watch this on CMT?

It's hilarious. It's actually somewhat serious and a definite take on Survivor. But I like it. VERY redneck lol.

It's entertaining. Steve Austin hosts. They are living on an island (though they are given cabins, a pool, bathroom materials). One challenge involved players locked together in port-a-potties and the team that won that challenge got exclusive use of a port a potty (they had to dig through mud or whatever to find keys to unlock the port-a-potties and let out the other players. There was one key that unlocked the 'golden port-a-potty'). The voting confessional is a shed and the players write the names of who they want to eliminate onto beer cans and place them in a cooler. It sounds terrible but it's actually not THAT bad. And hey, they're real people.

I'm surprised there wasn't much press for this? I never even heard of it (and I consider myself VERY in the TV loop, LOL) and happened to see it on my guide and just had to check it out as a Survivor nut.

CBS must not have cared because Viacom owns CBS and CMT is a Viacom station.

I know, I can't even believe I typed some of that out but yes, it's real.
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