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Monday, July 2

Rafe re-questions EJ about Stefano's murder and challenges him to take a lie detector test.

Sami erupts, when she learns Carrie is pregnant and assumes Rafe is the father.

Sonny wonders if EJ killed Stefano, but Will doubts he'd murder his own father.

Sami confronts Rafe demanding to know why he kept the truth about Carrie's pregnancy from her.

DVR Alert: Will reads the document disclosing that EJ is not Stefano's son.

Tuesday, July 3

Will hints to Sonny that his situation with EJ is about to change.

Rafe denies Sami's accusations, insisting he never slept with Carrie.

EJ tells Rafe there's no need for him to take a lie detector test, since there's no evidence linking him to Stefano's murder.

Carrie assures Austin he's the father of her child, but admits she's struggling with her feelings for Rafe.

Nicole questions Daniel about his past relationships.

DVR Alert: Will tells EJ he's calling the shots, now that he knows EJ isn't Stefano's son.

Wednesday, July 4

Will demands EJ return his car and apartment and give him a position of power in the DiMera empire.

Determined to keep Will from going to the police with his paternity secret, EJ gives in to Will's demands.

Andrew begins developing an attraction to Melanie.

Melanie dreams of Chad rescuing her.

Rafe asks Carrie if staying apart is the right thing, when they care so much about each other.

DVR Alert: Gabi is horrified to learn Andrew has been holding Melanie captive.

Thursday, July 5

Andrew convinces Gabi that he could implicate her as the brains behind Melanie's kidnapping.

Madison is skeptical, when Brady reveals his theory that Ian has been drugging him.

Despite Ian's denials, Kate continues to suspect Ian of sabotaging Brady.

Gabi realizes she has no choice and agrees to move forward with Andrew's plan.

Abigail confides in Kayla about her growing feelings for Cameron, while Cameron tells Abe how much he likes Abigail.

DVR Alert: Brady buys drugs and prepares to give in to temptation.

Friday, July 6

EJ arrives at the Salem PD, announcing he's ready to take the polygraph test.

Suspecting Nicole has feelings for Rafe, Daniel tells her he's no one's backup plan.

A desperate Carrie tries to push her thoughts of Rafe aside, but is unable to make love to Austin.

After not hearing from Brady all night, Madison and Maggie fear the worst.

Brady refuses to use the drugs he bought and vows to get his life back on track.

DVR Alert: Austin interrupts Carrie telling Rafe how hard it is to stay with her husband, when she feels so much for him.

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