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Jun 30 2012, 02:46 PM
One thing I always try to remember is that writing that might be interesting/enjoyable for an actor to play is quite often the exact opposite for what viewers & fans might enjoy. I'd venture to say that most actors want to work more or do & play different things, so while Mary Sue might enjoy acting a storyline that turns her character into a crazed serial killer murdering small children because of the acting stretch & the ability to do something out of her norm on the show, long-time fans probably won't enjoy the show's long-time romantic lead and primary ingenue taking a hatchet to the heads of 3 year olds.
Deidre Hall has spoken derisively of the "Marlena, Spirited Away" phase during the 1990's, even though DAYS was second in the ratings during that time, when Marlena's main storylines were being kidnapped (Maison Blanche, Stella Lombard and the warehouse, Paris, The Secret Room... was she kidnapped some other time during that phase?)

I don't think Joe Mascolo was too fond of the storylines he was involved with during that time either... but he, strangely, seems to really enjoy Dena Higley's State and Grandpa Nono with the dia-bee-tus stuff he's been given.

While I completely commend MarDar for listening to the fans and the actors, I think that might have been their undoing. They should have been true to themselves, and I believe they would have succeeded.
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