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Jun 30 2012, 04:58 PM
Jun 30 2012, 03:31 PM
Wednesday, July 4

Andrew begins developing an attraction to Melanie.

Thursday, July 5

Andrew convinces Gabi that he could implicate her as the brains behind Melanie's kidnapping.

Gabi realizes she has no choice and agrees to move forward with Andrew's plan.
What the hell is it about Melanie that turns on all of the young, straight men in Salem? She may be a beautiful woman but she has less of an interesting personality than that tree in in the middle of HTS. Andrew could do so much better than Melanie.

As for Gabi, she proves she is just like her brother - pretty to look at but as dumb as a Judge Judy defendant. It's no wonder Andrew manipulates her. He may have poor taste in women but he's definitely a lot smarter than these idiots.
You aren't kidding about Gabi. I don't see how it is a bit illegal to hire someone to stalk yourself - scummy - but not illegal, as long as you don't report it to the police. The leap from that to kidnapping is absolutely, totally huge and any sane person would immediately run to the police. How this is even going to play as soap opera plausible - I have no idea.

Will getting his apartment back would be better if we had a snowball's chance in hell of seeing his apartment.
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