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So glad to hear that Dallas is returning for a second season. I truly believe (and this has not been confirmed or anything by any sources) that something is happening with Pamela at the end of the season. There has been a lot of mentions to her character - and come on boys and girls, this is Dallas you know they need a huge cliffhanger for the first season.

I agree that a few more characters should also be introduced - however I want them to explore Sue Ellen's relationship with Christopher (he is her nephew after all) and do more fleshing out of the current canvas. One character that I think is desperately needed at Southfork is Lucas Krebbs, Bobby's son with Jenna. Plus I think Charlene Tilton's character needs to be doing a little more to stake her claim, I mean in the 70s it was a huge storyline for JR and Sue Ellen to deliver a male heir, but this is 2012 and Lucy is the first born grandchild to Jock and Miss Ellie, she should be staking her claim a lot more heavily than what she is doing right now.

And I disagree with fans - we don't need Gary or Valene - This is Dallas, their home was Knots Landing. They don't fit into the fabric of the show I don't think. Plus after the dream season, Gary and Val never acknowledged that Bobby was alive.
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