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Days did that in 2009 and had sustained gains too until they destroyed everything they built in 2010-2011. Days really needs to bring back some viable younger characters and keep on the most important vets and use them to support the young characters. It's the only direction in recent years that has seemed to work for soaps.

While I don't disagree with this, one of the reasons they abandoned that in 2010 was because fans were bitching they didn't want to see the teens and didn't like the vets propping the younger set. Right now, it seems the star of Days is Will (and EJ) - a good pairing of younger/older. They just need to get them doing something more than talk.

They really don't have a good younger set anymore, Melaine/Molly is a star, but she is leaving. Chad and Gabi have limited range and are generally disliked. Abigal was good in the Austin stalking storyline, but the pairing with Cameron is a snooze. All that is left is Sonny & Will, but the show is shying away from anything gay, from what I've heard. The remaining kids on the show are all too young to be teens without rediculous SORAsing (Johnny/Allie/Sydney, Ciara, Theo). Perhaps Claire will return with Shawn and Belle at some point as a 16yo.
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