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Jul 9 2012, 07:04 AM
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If AS accepted her body "as it is", she would not be trying to convince everyone she's a "Size 2". I don't see Kate or Marlena or Nicole, Mel, Gabi, Abby, Jennifer writing books on how to stay thin or how to keep your "kanine" from getting fat.
I don't think she's trying to convince people she's a size 2. She probably made one statement, one that I have yet to see any so I personally doubt it's a fact but let's assume it's true. I'm noticing everyone else bringing it up but maybe that's just me.

Also, Kate, Marlena, Nicole, Mel, Gabi, Abby and Jennifer are characters and I don't see them writing books on that...
AS is a working mother and is in good shape. I'm sure many people are wondering how she does it. Why not write a book? Inspire others who thought it was impossible to do the same? Plus, if she is passionate about animals as I know a lot of people in my neighborhood are, why not write a book on healthy eating for animals too? I see plenty of dogs whose owners could use that book. Hell, anyone who has a dog might be interested.
It was in that interview about her bikini body.
Oh, ok. Thanks.
I think it's entirely possible that Ali could be a size 2. When I weighed 120, I could wear a size 2, depending on the style and manufacturer, and I assure you, I had zero muscle tone except for my legs. The only area where she might have issues would be her boobs. I am fairly generously endowed, and that's where I had problems.

I would have loved to have Ali's current body at any time in my adult life.

BTW, one of my daughter's friends is Ari's height, same body type, doesn't have an ounce of body fat, and wears a size 14!
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