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Jul 9 2012, 10:11 AM
Jul 7 2012, 02:40 PM
This is only the beginning. Right around the last week of June you usually see the numbers begin to tail off and then it's a rollercoaster of highs and lows until September when soaps begin to recover. The next 6-8 weeks should be very ugly for soaps but especially Days and GH, who rely very heavily on young viewers. I know B&B going "younger" has helped them but even B&B lost viewers as the week went on so those younger viewers began to tune out or switch to later DVR viewing as the week progressed, which is understandable given that is around when people begin to take off for summer vacations and everyone begins to be in summer mode. I think B&B will find itself experiencing the same issues the other soaps will this summer, even with the great year they've had. The audience just isn't there in summer.

What B&B has done this year does support what NBC wants Days to do though. B&B built around it's younger set and saw gains. Days did that in 2009 and had sustained gains too until they destroyed everything they built in 2010-2011. Days really needs to bring back some viable younger characters and keep on the most important vets and use them to support the young characters. It's the only direction in recent years that has seemed to work for soaps.
I may be proven wrong but I am betting B&B continues to maintain such as OLTL did last summer.

I also think unlike Days, B&B has a strong younger cast that clicks and is able to carry story, something I have not seen on Days or any other soap in a very very long time. The younger cast is not simply the young storyline, it is the storyline on B&B while Brooke and Ridge have been thankfully moved into supporting roles. Liam, Steffy, Hope and if they ever use him I'll throw Rick in there also. The cross dressing arc with Caroline, Rick, and Amber was also kind of cute and comic relief. I haven't seen the level of talent on Days in their younger cast in many years along with believable chemistry.
OLTL had a HUGE umbrella story focused on the two Todd's last year and it climaxed right in the middle of summer. That is why they did well. And, if you look at it, it only did REALLY well once the big reveals happened in late July/August. The show performed like most soaps did for most of July and for most of August. It was only the weeks of the real Todd revealing himself that the show really saw gains and they lost it very quickly. Also, the show being cancelled helped it's ratings as well. OLTL didn't have any big young story like B&B.

Also, B&B has already had some pretty down weeks this year. It was surging earlier this year and had a period of down weeks only to surge again now. However, they played some pretty big stuff so it's expected they would see gains for this week. As I said, look at the daily numbers. B&B already showed signs of losing viewers already as the week went on. They lost viewers just like everyone else. Even if young viewers are hooked, B&B will see drops. Why? Because it's summer. People don't want to be stuck around the TV. They have vacations and outdoor activities, especially later in the week (hence why you see the lowest numbers later in the week). If they watch, they will DVR and if they do DVR and don't watch it the same day, their viewership will only me measured in the season to date numbers. If they DVR and don't watch until a week or so later (or more), we won't see their viewership counted at all. Hence why I think even if they are firing on all cylinders, they will fall. It's not a reflection on the show. It's a reflection on TV viewing. Just look back at Days in 2009. They had a solid first 6 months of the year but started dropping in late June and had a pretty rotten summer. The show slowly built itself back up in September and then surged again for a few months before March 2010 started bringing awful numbers. If B&B is lucky, they will hold on to even a little of what they have gained this year this summer or, at least, be on par with last year. If they can do that in summer, that is an accomplishment. They can then begin surging again in the Fall when the audience is more accessible.

B&B has the right idea and it's a formula all the soaps need to have. They've done a great job this year but they aren't immune to summer's awful ratings trends. I will be very happy if they prove me wrong but I doubt it.
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