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Looking at daily numbers is Pointless IMO. I doubt anyone at the network cares what Days does on a Monday vs Friday other than the fact viewing numbers slip over the course of the week. What I am looking at are trends and you can sit back and dish what B&B has done and continue to claim their numbers are down based on a week here or there. What I suspect the networks do is look at trends and B&B is trending upward and has been for months. I'm not sure how you look at the current trend for that show over the past 9 months and compare it to the same 9 months for the year before, see that they've gained, and diminish it saying they are spiraling downward.

By the way OLTL also spiraled downward in fall and winter last year a time I keep hearing is normally up. It wasn't until the final 2 weeks in January they regained and that was totally due to cancellation.
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Ratings for the Week of June 25-29, 2012 · General Daytime News