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Jul 9 2012, 12:05 PM
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Looking at daily numbers is Pointless IMO. I doubt anyone at the network cares what Days does on a Monday vs Friday other than the fact viewing numbers slip over the course of the week. What I am looking at are trends and you can sit back and dish what B&B has done and continue to claim their numbers are down based on a week here or there. What I suspect the networks do is look at trends and B&B is trending upward and has been for months. I'm not sure how you look at the current trend for that show over the past 9 months and compare it to the same 9 months for the year before, see that they've gained, and diminish it saying they are spiraling downward.

By the way OLTL also spiraled downward in fall and winter last year a time I keep hearing is normally up. It wasn't until the final 2 weeks in January they regained and that was totally due to cancellation.
So, losing viewers throughout a week isn't a trend? Your right, the networks don't care BUT it usually is a pre-cursor to a drop the week after if you lose viewers throughout the week. B&B saw a gain for this week but if it was already losing viewers as the week went, that's not a good sign. People already were tuning out.

I'm not trying to take anything away from B&B. I'm loving the show. They've had a strong first half of 2012 and I think the long-term trend, especially for the Fall, is good. The network should be happy. I'm not trying to diminish all that. I'm just trying to point out that once summer hits, the numbers for soaps get ugly regardless of how good they were doing before or how good they are doing now. A soap could have a huge explosion stunt and I highly doubt it would amount to much beyond maybe one good week at best. Once warm weather hits, people just don't want to be around a TV especially when it comes to soaps that air 5 days a week. Hell, you even see primetime shows struggle in spring with ratings.

As for OLTL last Fall, of course it went down. The two Todd story wrapped up in August. That story was the only reason OLTL saw the summer gains they saw.
I'm sorry but a trend is not up one day,down the next, up the next etc... Unless that weekly trend downward impacts the ratings overall why does it matter?

B&B has been consistant for months. They have had one bad week in the last 2 months and suddenly the show is trending downward. But you proved my point with the 2 Todd story is if there is a compelling story told over the summer people will watch. It's like folks want to make excuses for why shows like GH and Days are in the gutter but with Y&R it's bad writing. B&B can't even catch a break when their trend has been consistency. They are up in the key demos, ratinggs for them from the same time a year ago and suddenly they are dying over the summer. How do you know if the current story won't keep people engaged over the summer the same way OLTLs summer story did last year or GH did the prior summer a bit. I don't know that it will or won't but as the show has beem fairly consistant for a good nine months now, my money is on them. But I guess time will tell.
Again, I'm not taking ANYTHING away from B&B. They could have a real shitty summer and I would still give them credit because they had a solid first 6 months of the year and likely will have a solid Fall so the year, as a whole, will likely look real good for them when it's done. All I'm saying is that there is an awful track record with soap ratings in summer in recent years. That's all. Soaps used to hook viewers in summer, especially younger viewers. That is how I became a fan in the 80's. However, in the last 5-6 years, summer has become a mess for soaps. The ratings go up and down and some soaps suffer greatly. Days and GH, in particular, seem to suffer the most. I'm just going by the track record. If B&B breaks the trend, great. I'm not saying it's not possible. Stranger things have happened. I just think because they are focusing on a story featuring younger characters, I think chances are they won't break the trend because younger viewers are even less likely to be around a TV in summer and they are clearly aiming their focus at those younger fans. OLTL was smart last year because it's big summer story was focused on older characters. They brought back a fan favorite in Roger Howarth and built an intriguing tale around it. It was the only major soap return in recent years to garner a major ratings rise at some point and clearly it was all because of the story. Plus, alot of older fans came back to see Howarth and you have a better chance at getting older fans to watch in summer than younger fans. That helped OLTL and was key to it seeing success in the summer. That's the irony. Soaps think focusing on younger stories in summer is the way to go and that's been their thinking for decades. However, it seems the better choice now is to focus on stories for older characters in summer since younger fans likely won't bother to watch in summer anyway.
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