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Jul 9 2012, 06:33 PM
Ok well I don't get that logic. First it's younger people don't just tune in for younger characters therefore B&B will tank. Now it's that B&B are featuring the same characters in the summer they have all year and it's an issue. I can't keep track. Oh well I remain optimistic.
Let me clarify...

B&B's resurgence has been built on focusing the show on younger characters. Clearly, they attracted a good amount of younger fans judging by how well they've done in demos during this resurgence. Therefore, because summer usually doesn't bode well for soap ratings, especially those relying heavily on younger viewers, I'm fearful of what that could mean for B&B and for all soaps, in general. That is why I pointed out the daily numbers because B&B was already losing viewers later in the week last week and that was right about the time people began to take off for vacations and summer seemed to enter into full swing. You saw lower numbers across the board for soaps later in the week. I really hope I'm wrong and I really hope they break the trend. I hope all the soaps will. I don't want you to think I'm taking anything away from B&B or that I don't want them to do well. I really enjoy the show and I really like that they went in this direction and embraced it. I hope more soaps do it. It's just that going in that direction has a disadvantage and that is summer. Hopefully, younger fans are so hooked on B&B that they will keep watching and, if they keep watching, hopefully they watch live or watch on their DVR the same day it airs so that the numbers don't fall off. Soaps need a success story and the better B&B does, the more likely it is other soaps take notice and follow their formula.
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