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I don't understand how you can say I'm right and then immediately follow it up with a sentence that completely contradicts what I'm saying.
I said you were right that the show had been focusing on Sami/EJ/Nicole prior to that. Where I disagreed was that it was different once 2009 came on. Yes, those three still got major focus but there was no safety net of the vets. They weren't there. John and Marlena were gone. Bo and Hope were appearing a few times a month. The show basically handed the spotlight over to those three, Rafe,and a host of younger characters and committed to it. They committed to it because there was no safety net in the form of Bo/Hope and John/Marlena. The show made it evident that they were moving on and that had never happened before.
The vets were only not there as a cushion in the early parts of 09. When the ratings really surged, Bope and Kate and Stefano were being heavily featured and then they brought in Carly and Vivian.
Stefano, Kate, Vivian, and Carly weren't the vets that the show built around for nearly 3 decades. You could sort of say Srefano was but he was on and off so I don't count him.

I'm talking about the big 4 (John/Marlena/Bo/Hope). They carried the show for a LONG time and pushing them aside and even axing two of them made a statement that the show was moving on.
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