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Now don't come whoopin' my ass at the grocery store cause I picked on your fav on here!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. While Sami Brady may be a very hated character and Alison Sweeney may be a very hated actress, to each their own.

Myself, I admire the woman for looking better than she ever has. She seems to be the type of lady who would have "bad genes" and have a very easy time of gaining weight,a dn a very difficult time of keeping it off.

Being thin does not come easy for some folks. If it was, no one would be fat.

I commend her for all her efforts to look her best. I am sure it isn't easy. I also commend her for making a buck where she can. She appears to be a smart business woman. Nothing wrong with that. Id do the same if I was acting on board the sinking ship called Days. She has to prepare for the future.

Anyone who thinks she is fat, well, to each their own- but come ON. Even is she isn't a size 2, she is no where near FAT. Dont let the hate blind you to what is reality. She may not be tall, lithe, and slender like AZ, but she isn't FAT. Far from it.

She may be petite, and may not have the most feminine features- but she is still beautiful IMO, and looking better than she ever has.

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