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National Enquirer spoilers
Lucas confronts Sami about her always being with EJ
Melanie calls Chad to give him her location
Carrie and Rafe say their last words.
Roman makes plans to arrest EJ again.
Andrew prepares to reveal Gabiís secret.
An eventful confrontation takes place between Victor, Maggie, Daniel and Nicole.

Credit: Rogue Ejami

**UPDATED 7/17**

Blowing up Horton Square.

Carrie says a sad goodbye to Rafe. He can barely face her departure. She joins Austin ant the pub and then they leave Salem together. Across town, Cameron continues to settle in as he tries to keep Abby distracted from worries about her missing friend. He gets her to help him plan a party in honor of his sister. He also winds up spending quite a bit of time convincing Jack that he has honorable intentions.

Sami is furious when she learns that EJ is not a DiMera. She lashes out at him for keeping this from her. Lucas has a bee in his bonnet about her Elvis obsession and gives her an ultimatum. While she thinks that over, she stomps off to see her son and lecture him about keeping secrets. He defends his boss and she admits to him that sheís made a back-up copy of the surveillance footage. Meanwhile, Ian is thrown off when Brady and Madison declare that they are tying the knot immediately. Madison is startled by how much this upsets Ian. His day gets worse when Lucas shows up to gab about EJís arrest and the surveillance footage. Ian sends his man off to take care of the loose ends. At that very moment, Elvis sends William off to hunt down the surveillance footage. As soon as Will and Sonny curl up to watch it, the footage is magically deleted.

Rafe continues interrogating EJ, who is doing his best to convince his old enemy that he is being framed. Sami drops by to see Elvis. He tells her how hard it was to come to terms with not being a DiMera. She decides to let him have the surveillance footage. When Chad arrives to offer is brother his full support, Sami heads off to see a lawyer but is attacked on the way. She limps home to Lucas and avoids explaining what sheís been up to. After she insists to Lucas that she is not choosing EJ over him, Will calls and asks her to bail out Elvis. Lucas is pissed. She shows up to bail out EJ anyway. This sticks in Romanís craw. The cop soon gets a tip that EJ is planning to jet out of town. He gets ready to re-arrest him. Will gets wise to this and warns Elvis. He claims he had no plans to run. Sami tells him itís the last shot heís got at freedom. She helps him get ready to go. Will brings him the children so they can say goodbye. Before EJ can go, Roman and Lucas arrive. Roman nearly takes a shot at EJ but Sami gets in the way. An explosion hits. The cops are knocked out and Sami nearly falls through the ground to her death. EJ manages to grab her at the last minute, but canít hold on when the second explosion comes.

Elsewhere, Danielís nose is out of joint when Nicole tries distracting him with a romantic dinner. She thinks he needs to take a breather and eat but he runs off to continue searching for Melanie. Daniel goes to see Victor, who lays into him for laying down with Nicole. She is summoned over to the mansion. Victor makes it clear that he does not want his ex-wife in his godsonís life. Daniel defends Nicole and Maggie tears her husband a new one.

The cops question Gabi some more for clues but nothing is making sense to them. Hope things they should start using hypnosis to get some answers. Down in the tunnels, Mel manages to catch Andrew off-guard and grab his phone. She calls Chad when her captorís back is turned. She tries telling him where she is but the connection sucks and then Andrew catches her and takes the phone away. Chad managed to glean that sheís under the city. Brady just happens to walk by and overhear the conversation. He guesses she must be in the underground tunnels and they run off together to search. Gabi is also snooping around in the tunnels. Further along, Mel has been bickering with Andrew as they move further in. Itís dark so he lights a flame, resulting in an explosion. Gabi approaches them. Andrew and Mel are confused by the blast. Gabi and Andrew bicker, making Mel even more confused. Gabi tries convincing him to run but he wonít budge. Mel freaks out when she sees sparks. Andrew is about to tell her about Gabiís role in her abduction when another explosion hits. The debris knocks him out. Gabi tries to help him escape. Brady rushes in to rescue Mel and Chad is on the verge of attacking Andrew when the next explosion hits and Horton Square falls on top of them. Meanwhile, John and Ian have it out as Madison anxiously wait for Brady to show up for their wedding. The wait comes to an end when another explosion hits. Across the square, Nicole collapses in pain as the ground gives way and Daniel gets caught in the falling debris.


Week of July 23:

Monday July 23:
EJ's arrested for the murder of Stefano.
Sami learns EJ's not really a DiMera and is furious with him for not telling her.
Lucas confronts Sami about EJ - and asks her to make a choice. EJ or him.
EJ tells Will to look for video surveillance to prove he was framed. He does so with Sonny, and is shocked when the footage is deleted.
Sami rips into EJ.
Brady and Madi square off with Kate and Ian.
Ian's upset to learn Madi and Brady will marry immediately. Kate notices how this affects Ian.
Brady and Madi make love.
Daniel notices Nic's having pains but finds her healthy.

Tuesday July 24:
EJ realizes Rafe has doubts about how the gloves got into EJ's apartment.
Will tells Sami about the video footage and how it was deleted.
Chad expresses his support for EJ even after learning they're not related.
Sami is attacked.
Gabi's confronted about finding her fingerprints on Andrew's note.
Mel calls Chad.
Austin says goodbye to Kate and Carrie seeks out Rafe to say goodbye.
Carrie and Rafe leave Salem.

Wednesday July 25:
Chad can't make out what it is Mel's saying to him on their call.
Andrew smashes Mel's phone.
There's an explosion in the tunnels.
After she's mugged, Sami returns home to tell Lucas what went down.
Sami is ready to post bail for EJ.
Cam enlists Abby's help in helping with the party in Lexi's honor.

Thursday July 26:
Gabi recovers from the explosion.
Melanie realizes Gabi and Andrew know each other.
Melanie worries there will be another explosion.
Roman gets an anonymous tip that EJ's going to leave Salem via DiMera jet.
Sami urges EJ to run.
Daniel gets an earful when Victor blasts him for dating Nicole. Maggie doesn't take kindly to this.

Friday July 27:
Today is the Autism Fundraiser in Lexi's honor.
Roman finds EJ and Sami and as he's about to shoot, Sami stands in front of the line of fire.
The gas explosion hits and everyone goes flying.
EJ tries to save Sami's life.
Chad and Brady continue searching the tunnels.
Just as Chad finds Andrew, there's another huge explosion. Debris and glass falls on everyone.
Madi's dressed in her wedding gown as Ian tortures her, telling her Brady won't marry her. The two are together when the explosion hits.
Abby's trapped in an elevator.
Nicole has cramping when the explosion occurs.

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