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OH GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK PLEASE. Like Sami does not enjoy two men fighting over her like she is some sort of prize. Since when does Sami not like situations that are all about her . She knows damn well she enjoyed every bit of that confrontation between EJ and Lucas. So whatever Sami. :flipoff: .

EJ is such a damn flip-flopper one day it is I love you Nicole, I want you and the baby that I know is mine please oh please Nciole take me back then the next he is back in Sami's orbit. If I were Nicole and Lucas I would say screw them both. I would not tolerate getting played for a damn fool by EJ or Sami.

Oh Daniel so now you are worried about Melanie since you are done playing with Nicole momentarily I mean Mealanie is supposed to have been missing for weeks now she went missing after Stefano's Memorial Service she is still wearing the clothes that she was wearing that day. Daniel is just now realizing something is wrong.

Andrew should at least give the girl some new clothes to put on an a bucket of water and soap or something to let her wash up that cannot be comfortable wearing the same clothes for weeks on end and not taking a bath or shower and how is she going to the bathroom? Well it is soapworld after all and details usually do not matter.
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