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Helpless Romantic

:facepalm: Where to start? The pissing war btwn EJ and Lucas over Sami sounds ridiculous! I knew it that EJ would fire Lucas and what are Johnny and Sydney, chopped liver? :shame: Lucas just Looks really horrible but not unexpected with MarDar. I also have to LMFAO about Sami saying "she is not a prize". I see MarDar recycled Jennifer's line from when Tan and Jack were fighting over her and gave it now to Sami. Oh and can the PTB give it up with the Dimera centric "we need to put them away", but never do it crap? Thats the most ridiculous over used plot point ever MOVE THE FUCK ON PLEASE!! :soapbox: :soapbox: :soapbox: . I think I will pass. A BIG :flipoff:
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