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Virgo Twins
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Helpless Romantic
Jul 12 2012, 01:43 PM
:facepalm: Where to start? The pissing war btwn EJ and Lucas over Sami sounds ridiculous! I knew it that EJ would fire Lucas and what are Johnny and Sydney, chopped liver? :shame: Lucas just Lucas really horrible but not unexpected with MarDar. I also have to LMFAO about Sami saying "she is not a prize". I see MarDar recycled Jennifer's line when Tan and Jack were fighting over her and gave it now to Sami. I think I will pass. A BIG :flipoff:
I know right, I had to laugh at the thought of Sami acting like she does not like two men fighting in her prescence over her.

COME ON!!! Since when does Sami not love being the center of attention especially now that two men are involved. She knows that she is just eating this right up. Them going at it like whoever winss gets the prize she loves them thinking of her as a prize because she is so self absorbed and all about herself. It is ridiculous to me them fighting over Sami like she is so great and wonderful :shame: .

I have a feeling that whoever gets her she will just run off and end up sleeping with the other man then try and cover it up and when caught make all kinds of excuses and blame everyone else but herself typical selfish Sami.

You are right Sami you are no prize it's a damn shame that these men cannot see that.

Now an off subject point now I am no Melanie fan but it was pretty clever for her to carve her name into that wall behind her I mean I know Chad will know she was there because of that bracelet that Gabi dropped but that was a clever move regardless.
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