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Viewing Single Post From: Adam Lambert,IDOL Judge? Steven AND Jennifer OUT!
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It's definitely time for an overhaul. I'd actually watch again with Adam as a judge. I don't know why. I'd want to see it. I think he'd do really well. My mom really liked him. I was never a huge fan, just simply because of how pimped out he was.

Nicki Minaj would also make an interesting judge. Her name has been thrown out there.

JLO and Steven, IMO, were nice transitional judges, who did the job and renewed a little interest in Idol, but that's the thing. They were just too nice, IMO. I really do think this should be a starting over point for Idol. They need to drop Randy, too.

I also agree Paula should come back. Fox should be begging her and paying her whatever she wants. I'm really shocked they haven't.
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