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Jul 12 2012, 06:11 PM
Do you guys think it would be a good idea to separate the talent scouting from the ongoing judging?

I feel like Lopez and Tyler were great at finding talent, it was the ongoing stuff they were terrible at. And if they separate the two aspects, they might avoid some of the weird bias- the judges wouldn't be quite as invested in the contestant.
I REALLY like that idea. I actually think they should let record executives handle that part of it and then make the judging panel one record producer and two singers/performers. That would be good and would vary things up and help avoid bias.

I liked Stephen but he wasn't a judge. He never even behaved like one. He was more a motivational speaker who also was an entertainer with all his puns and one liners. I will say that like JLo he knew how to select talent. He helped put through some great vocalists in the past 2 years and he always seemed to push vocal talent over everything else. For that, I will miss him. He was funny and entertaining to watch too.

I would like Lopez to come back but it's not make it or break it for me. My issue was that within the Tyler/Lopez/Jackson panel, Lopez was the only one who offered up any good advice. Now that it looks like Tyler and Jackson are out, you can move on without her providing you get a judge or two who can be critical and offer up good advice. I don't agree that they should get Paula back because, to me, she would bring nothing. She didn't even help X-Factor. I think what works now is bringing on performers who are CURRENT and can actually offer up good advice and mentoring. For instance, like your seeing on The Voice/X-Factor/Duets with people like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, CLo Green, Kelly Clarkson, etc as judges/mentors. They have personality but also are RELEVANT. Idol got lucky because JLo still was and I think that helped but I think they could do better. That is why bringing on Adam Lambert would work. He was great as a mentor a few seasons ago and he's relevant. Plus, I've always felt bringing in a former contestant was something the show needed. He offers that unique perspective and, given how upped the performance standard on the show, I think he could be very helpful to the contestants. If only Kelly Clarkson wasn't doing Duets because it would be great to get her.

The good news is it looks likely Randy is off the panel FINALLY. I never thought it would happen but it's time to go. Whoever said these 3 worked well as transitional judges was right. Randy worked in that role, especially. No one was sure what would happen after season 9 but these 3 helped pull the show through and Randy was especially needed for familiarity. However, now it's clear the show can reboot and move on. It does seem like Randy will stay on in a mentor role and that's fine. Have him work opposite Jimmy. That could be fun.

There are also rumors of Mariah Carey as a judge. Not sure about her. At least one person on the panel has to be a little crazy. We need a "Paula" or "Stephen." Maybe Nicki Minaj or someone similar could fill that role. There are rumors of Katy Perry, who wasn't bad a few seasons ago as a guest judge, and even Charlie Sheen (which would be a travesty). This should get interesting :laugh: .
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