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GENERAL HOSPITAL: September is not far off and the final boards are not entirely completed. We will be seeing more of Heather as far as into November possibly. Heather has alot more to do before she is taken back to the sanitarium. Let's just say she will not be very happy once she realizes her revenge plot has failed. Anna will have a  confrontation with Heather who, before escaping informs Anna that Robin is still alive. Heather's "connections" and agenda will surprise many. Anna is looking for clues as to what she was involved with that might have led to a her daughter's kidnapping. Anna goes to talk to Jason about Robin's final days. (Was she worried, frightened, did she give any hint someone was following her) And let's not forget Heather's obsession with Franco? Could it be that Franco's "murder" has not been resolved.......Changes are being made at script level, which means things are changing very last minute and what was will not be as you expect. Pay attention for there may be a scene that was edited or perhaps a missing segment. You may even scratch your head and said "what the hell was that?".....It is being rumored that Robin's last days have been manipulated over the past year and some other events by old enemies. Not necessarily Robin's enemies but enemies just the same. It is being speculated that The WSB and their villains will finally make a comeback if all goes as planned. Who they may be depends but remember this...... the similarities between Lucky and Robin's death stories are on purpose. Hmmm......John will start to put 2 and 2 together when he visits Tea. Tea sees Heather's picture in the newspaper and she tells John that was the woman that helped Todd save her baby in the shack in the woods. John comes back to PC with questions for Sam and Todd knowing Heather Webber has it out for Sam. Todd will come to the realization that John has figured it out and goes back to Llanview to tell Tea the truth as he confesses his part in the baby switch, but Tea is not buying it and flees for places unknown...... Since we the viewing audience know that Jason is the biological father we will soon see that Sam's rape was possibly just an illusion. Franco strikes again!! Enter Spinelli who does what he does best. He re- investigates the DVD and the mystery behind it. With Spin's focus on Heather his investigating will lead him back to the DVD and the mystery it holds.....For those of you wondering if Easton is here to stay the answer is yes, Kassie De Paiva will start a semi regular schedule come September and Florenza Lozano will be on hold as she disappears with the baby. Still no word on Viki although her name along with Natalie's have been mentioned quite often by Todd.....What if Franco wasn't as dead as we thought?

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