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Jul 14 2012, 04:59 PM
I'm rewatching from the beginning. My god the acting was really bad early on. The actors were very wooden. Leslie Anne Down, Sam Behrens, Kathleen Noone, Hank Cheyne and Sarah Buxton were quite good though.

They could have started a drinking game. Everytime Meg mentioned "SB" take a shot lol.
If you throw Priscilla Garita and Gordon Thomson's names in with that bunch you pretty much have the only GOOD actors on SB. Maybe Sherri Saum to. Though the actors weren't really going for oscars on this show it was still so damn addicting.

Go ahead a couple months in episodes and you can start another drinking game with Annie's constant mentioning of "Meg." She truly was Annie's bain of existence during that time LOL

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