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Reading about the last two years of AW brought back so many horrible memories UGH!

I will admit there were bits and pieces of 1997 that I enjoyed. Toni's rape story was fantastically told. Michael Malone really crafted a wonderful story there. The rape/trial unfolded so well and Rhonda Ross and Mark Mortimer gave wonderful performances. I also enjoyed the Alexander Nikos story as flawed and ridiculous as it was.

Bobby/Robert was a character I hated. Why they didn't just bring RKK back as Sam is beyond on. They recast Amanda with Laura Moss and they toyed with pairing Amanda and Jake which could of created a quad that might have been interesting. I totally forgot that Lindsay Lohan played Alli. She had some great scenes with Tom Eplin and Charles Keating. Shame the show couldn't have held onto her a while longer.

1998-1999 was just god awful. Micheal's death didn't need to happen and was poorly executed. The Lumina/Jordan Stark story had no business being told on AW. I understand they were just keeping up with the times but there was so many other ways that could of happened. Bringing Frankie back in the form of Anne O'Donnell was dumb. They should of just brought Frankie back outright. Hell even better why didn't they bring back Cecile or Kathleen as a spoiler for Lila and Cass. These characters were actually alive and were just as popular(if not more) pairings with Cass. In mentioning Cass and Lila I will say I loved them and was very happy they gave Cass another love interest before the end of the show.

The Marley/Jake/Vicky story was disgusting. Marley lusting after her rapist (a fact that was rarely mentioned during this time) was just so wrong. As much as I loved the character of Etta-Mae everytime she stood up for Jake and Vicky when it came to Marley she just looked like a monster. Her daughter was raped and here she is standing by a rapist. Yes Jake was reformed and he and Marley had come to an understanding but that does not change the fact. It would of made more sense(and probably been a better story) if Marley had wanted to break up Jake and Vicky because of her hatred for him not her love.

In saying that, I will add, I loved Ellen Wheeler's return. Anytime I think of Marley I see Ellen. She really is a wonderful actress. Bad producer of course.

Oh lightandday Anna Stuart is :wub: One of the better AW actress that never got an emmy nomination let alone an emmy award for her time on the show. Shame they wasted her talent pretty much the last 5 years the show was on the air :shame:

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