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Jul 16 2012, 02:48 PM
Jul 16 2012, 12:51 AM
Jul 15 2012, 11:28 AM
It continues to baffle me why daytime execs are so concerned about the 18-49 demo especially in these changing times. Most women 18-30 these days are out in college, working, etc. They should focus on 25-54 IMO.
It's not the "daytime execs" who are concerned. It's the advertisers. They only want to spend money on programs with audiences whose buying patterns are not locked in stone (ie 18-49). 55-year-olds don't change what they buy. If they have bought Colgate for a decade or two, they aren't going to switch to Crest.

I haven't watched a commercial on DOOL since the late 1980s, so I don't have a clue what is advertised these days. I do know that NBC has always skewed more affluent audience-wise, so that surely helps with anemic ratings.
Well then it baffles me why advertisers are concerned then. I don't believe because someone is a certain age they are set in their ways about EVERYTHING and 54 is only 5 years from 49. Young women are not at home taking care of the babies anymore. They are in college, they have jobs, I think they should focus on the older audience when they clearly perform better with the 25-54 group, but it's whatever.
There are a lot of people who think the whole 18-49 theory is BS. I'm still in that demo -- but I'm not easily swayed in my buying habits. If I find a product that works, I stick by it like glue. My mom who is in her 70's is willing to try any new product. She has almost no brand loyalty. Go figure. But for advertisers, one size fits all. They have an almost religious devotion to that demo. And if a show fails to bring in enough eyeballs from that demo, it is considered DOA. The exceptions are shows like 60 Minutes that have a majority affluent, older viewership.
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