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Jul 16 2012, 07:55 PM
I really like J. Lo, but she wasn't a good fit for Idol, IMO.

She RARELY gave any feedback.
I thought she gave good advice once in awhile but it was usually only to the contestants she clearly liked and, most of the time, they were men. She was the best female judge they've had though. At least she was competent (unlike Paula) and not trying too hard (unlike Ellen and Kara).

Stephen never provided anything worthwhile as a judge aside from being encouraging and providing one liners and puns. Randy was ok in spots during season 10 but, by the end of season 10 and for all of season 11, he was terrible. He played favorites and only seemed to judge the people he didn't like.

A new panel is needed and, hopefully, they won't play favorites or not do it as blatantly.
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