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I decided to give this show one more chance. It just pissed me off, LOL.

First, the women are a disgrace on this show. They are pathetic and act childish and Will treats them like children.

Maggie/Don/Jim- no one in this triangle really has chemistry. While the romance is the best written portion of the show, it goes overboard.

They really need to start a drinking game for every time the phrase "I'm a Republican" gets uttered. Yes, because by making the main character a Republican, that makes the show centrist. Its more like a David Frum wet dream.

Most importantly, the sanctimonious attitude of the characters just bug the sh*t out of me. Will talking about "civilizing" everyone and how he said he was a "newsman" reminded me of SNL's Church Lady. Or the bleeding heart "she's a person speech". Finally, the ridiculous comment comparing Michelle Bachaman to a child molester was hypocritical. Bachaman comes across bat sh*t crazy in real life, but the woman does a great of work in foster care, so I thought it was pretty tacky to compare her to such scum.

Importantly, Sorkin missed the important aspect of the media's coverage of the Gifford's shooting. The media claimed the shooting was caused by heated political rhetoric (ironically started by Ms. Jane Fonda), but the shooter was mentally insane and had nothing to do with political ideology.

Rant done. I decided to give the show another shot, but it is way too preachy for my tastes.
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