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Streetcorner Philosopher

Jul 19 2012, 08:51 AM
It's no surprise to me at all, but Happy Endings was ROBBED.
Yes it was.

Reading this list pisses me off. It's not that the nominees are bad, necessarily. It just highlights a lot wrong with the Emmy system, imho.

Cable and premium shows shouldn't compete with broadcast, imho. They don't have the same limitations, and they don't have the same...it's tougher to write around commercial breaks, imho.

Veep is not funny, it's just got a good pedigree and I'm wondering how many people actually saw it before nominating it.

Girls is great, but I wouldn't call it a comedy. It's just a half-hour show.

AHS played this game brilliantly. Good for them, that show was fantastic.

Ashley Judd for "Missing." So...now a cancelled show is a miniseries? Bullshit.

And Modern Family proves that they need a Best Cast category.

Cat Deeley for the win.

I hope the casts of the 4-5 shows nominated for things have a great time at the show.
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