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Jul 19 2012, 10:18 AM
Reading this list pisses me off. It's not that the nominees are bad, necessarily. It just highlights a lot wrong with the Emmy system, imho.

Cable and premium shows shouldn't compete with broadcast, imho. They don't have the same limitations, and they don't have the same...it's tougher to write around commercial breaks, imho.

And Modern Family proves that they need a Best Cast category.
Agree with many of your points. As I was reading the list I did feel like it was the best of cable awards. Network tv can't do the same things that the cable channels can because you pay for cable. Even channels like A&E/Bravo have limitations compared to HBO/Showtime, but A&E/Bravo still have larger boundaries than the networks. But I do think the networks need to think of seasons more like the cable networks.

Short runs (12-15) episodes that run straight through without reruns. I think there are many network shows that would benefit by having a shorter run and not being affected by chucks of reruns or breaks because of other events. Fox shows get in trouble in October due to baseball playoffs, CBS in March with NCAA tournament, etc. There is also a hype when these short run cable shows return because everyone has been missing them.

Also agree with the Best Cast category. There are many shows that work they way they do is because of the cast together. Both shows new and old where there might be a star, but it really worked because the whole cast connected together.
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