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Helpless Romantic

Jul 20 2012, 04:32 PM
Jul 20 2012, 04:03 PM
Yup, I knew that Safe was not over yet. They have too many unresolved feelings. This could be interesting as long as they keep Sami in character and not turn her into something she is not . I also think that they will go with a Lumi/Safe triangle in the long run.
This is the first time Sami's been in character for years.

I don't know who that chick was that Rafe married. Oh, wait, yes I do.

It was Carrie, played by AS.
I respectfully disagree Rafe knew EXACTLY who Sami was but loved her anyway and still does. :wub: The only difference from when they first met to now is everything she did, did not directly affect him. But he was part of her scheme to keep Grace hidden and he saw her pull many pranks in the safehouse like drugging Hilda's tea etc. November 2011 what she did, directly affected him and when all her guys are directly hurt by her schemes they walk but always come back. EJ is no different here. I really hope TomSell go back to their safehouse banter. They were awesome then . Sami while she was more mature still acted Sami like and after having four kids it was about damn time she grow up. All her scheming was also to get or keep a man she no longer needed to do that so the scheming in that sense naturally stopped because now all the men flock around her. I would like to see Sami scheming in busniess and IMO MarDar totally squandered the potential of the busniess sl that went no where. So Sami is Sami and Carrie is Carrie. Sami being a flake is not who the character was and I really hope they pick a pairing for her and stick with it. Where she is not in between men. I will give you that Sami and Carrie are alot alike in the men they go after and some of their behaviours. Anyways I am just really happy Carrie will be gone because a rehashed sl from the 90s with a twist of Carrie going after Sami's man I was not interested in seeing.
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