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Viewing Single Post From: Latest Ratings - July 9 to 13
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And it's pathetic when ratings are even MORE pathetic than Higley's. MarDar trashed the show completely with their limited focus. They are 201,000 viewers lower than last year and that's at Higley's worse. MarDar did all this bragging and tap-dancing about their 'reset'. But, all they did was infuriate viewers and turn them away in droves. Viewer discontment is blatantly obvious and as always they ignore it, chugging along with their 'visions'. And now, the train is derailing and chugging right off the train track.
And what's worse, they keep making the same, idiotic decisions, over and over and over again.
When will the buttholed suits in Burbank ever buy a clue and cash it in? :flipoff:
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