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This is a soap opera and like it or not what's worse than being bad is apathy. The show has felt so anemic since the reset. The first few months featured almost every couple playing kissy face with 2 events, the reset day and the EJami sexcapabe, neither of which had any real payoff. As bad as Higley was, viewers didn't seem Apathetic which is the worst for a soap opera. I mean the Kardashians are trash TV right but people still watch the train wreck it is. People brag about how great GH is now but that show is garbage full of cliches and gimmicks and bad acting. But it's like a trainwreck you can't take your eyes from. Also this idea of resetting stories every 3 months has been poorly executed than ever, because viewers are just expected to forget the stories told in the prior 3 months. I frankly don't care if the new writers are just all plot. That's all GH is. Provided the show is actually telling stories not moments.

But ratings do have factors other than quality that play into them. In fact I'd say quality if the last factor.
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