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I for one don't want to watch Lucas and Sami as a pair again, or Sami and Rafe. Now Lucas with his supposed fiancee, a good story for Rafe, maybe looking into his past a bit, would probably interest me. Jack should have been in a good storyline, I agree. The ingredients were all there.

I don't think the current storylines are that bad, and some of the spoilers look good. I'm really looking forward to John exploring his Dimera heritage, and Kristin coming back for instance. But that's just me, and my preferences.

As for EJ, Sami, Lucas and Nicole, I like them all. I don't want any of them back burned, because I like all of their characters for different reasons separately, not because they're involved with one another, whatever combination. Rafe can go for all I care if he doens't get a decent storyline that would actually make me care about him even for an iota.

The trend I see is that no matter what couples they put together, or what storylines, people just don't watch. The ratings have been the same for years, so the only conclusion I can come to is that the GA simply doesn't care and have stopped watching long time ago.
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