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Jul 22 2012, 12:23 AM
Jul 21 2012, 01:29 PM
These new-- well old-- well something in between-- writers for Days have an uphill battle. I know that NBC wants the show to go younger but they're bringing in people from the past--not that I'm complaining because I'm not-- at all. I still contend that you have the core families on the show, why not expand with the "kids" of the "parents" who are on the show currently? I see B & B doing that-- the hot storyline is with the core family's kids but the parents are still involved in all of this too. It's such a basic storyline but one that seems to be hitting right now.
The idea is great, but there's one problem: what children of the core families could this be done with? Philip, Belle, Shawn, Stephanie, Chelsea, Max and many others who could and should head the next generation of Days are not on the show anymore and there don't seem to be plans to bring them back, either. And for some reason, the show simply refuses to bring children of other supercouples like Andrew, Jeannie or Noelle. The young set we have now has only two people that are somewhat likeable and portrayed by good actors: Abigail and Will. I'd add Sonny, too, if he were on more. There rest of them? Cameron is a creation who came out of nowhere, just like Quinn a year earlier. Chad is a sorry excuse for a DiMera and Gabi is a bland Hernandez.
But, see, that's the job of the writers. You've got 4 families that are focused upon and there's more than enough to go around in terms of story for a new generations if TPTB and writers will do this. Again, probably not a popular opinion but I really feel that you need to move away from the ones who are on all of the time but, for some reason, this won't happen. I don't know if it's contracts, or TPTB saying this is our future or what, but, to me, that's what you need. You need some new blood, why not do it through the vets and having their families coming in for story too. I watched an interview with Wally and Judi and one thing that Wally said was that people will tend to embrace a child of a vet because if people like that character or couple, people will tend to watch them for that. I think that's true. Yes, there's been exceptions but I think it could work. At this point in the game, Days needs to try something-- the show is tanking. The bad part is that the viewers they've lost may never come back. I really want to see Days continue-- not just Days but soaps in general.
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