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Spoilers from Steve Burton's event.

Steve's Event
via SD n Twitter.

Sbu talked about PC for 15 min.

Sbu moving full time to TN. Sold his LA house.

Sbu likes his dark weeks. He's moving full time to TN.

Sbu talking about his family. Wants his kids to grow up in TN, not LA.

Sbu likes BA a lot. Good kid. He likes all the new cast members.

Sbu is waiting to hear on an upcoming project. Then said he says his contract is up in September. He wants his family to live the good life in TN.

Sbu complimented ME when asked about him.

He's not leaving right away. He wants to close out story with the baby stuff. But it is a possibility right now.

Leaving is an option. He wants to close out his story right now. He's got an upcoming project he's waiting to hear from. But he's not leaving "now". He's not leaving right away but it's a possibility.

Asked about how he feels about regime. "Go read my MF interview"

Would want to finish out JaSam/baby story they started.

Sbu talking about how online rumors hurt him in auditioning for primetime several years ago.

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