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Jul 22 2012, 09:31 AM
Jul 22 2012, 04:05 AM
Never thought I'd say this but I'm glad GH's ratings didn't go too low. It would've been nice to go higher than usual but I'm happy knowing it was higher than the previous week given Jasam fans promise to boycott this week. I know RC/FV were paying real close attention to the ratings. Glad their campaign didn't work.
It always sort of amazes me when fans on the Internet which amount to very little, talk about boycotting a show. Does anyone really think a few hundred or I'll be generous, a thousand online fans boycotting means anything? Fanbases really have a sense of entitltement thinking their small noise and rants mean anything in terms of the overall viewing numbers of a show. RC and FV have never listened to on liners at all much less the fans.
So true. Online and fanboards mean little in the whole scheme of things.
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