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I can officially call myself a fan of this show now. I liked the beginning of the first episode but the interpersonal drama wore on me as it went on. For a while I was only watching because of Dev Patel :wub: then I saw the episode with Gabby Gifford's shooting and I LOVED it. I was so excited to watch the Newsroom last night and the episode was great. Yeah I'm rooting for Will/Mack to get back together. Will clearly is not over Mack. The ball's kinda in her court. I've reluctantly become interested in the Jim/Maggie/Don triangle but Maggie is a ditz and has chemistry with neither of the guys. The writers and casting department could've done better. The portrayal of women could definitely be better. Mack's okay but my favorite female character is Sloan the financial analyst simply because she knows her stuff but admits she sucks at interpersonal relationships which is like me lol.
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