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Jul 27 2012, 09:24 AM
From Missy Reeves' tweet, here's what I've ascertained:

This tape schedule is for episode # 11957, which is the 47th anniversary episode airing Thursday, November 8, 2012!

Episode # 11957 (11/8/12) begins with Act T-Scene A: a rollback (replay) scene of # 11956 (11/7/12) Act 7-Scene C

Her scenes are with Daniel, Nicole, Rafe, Brady, EJ and Abigail. With the set mentioning the Foyer & Exterior (and ending with just Jennifer & Daniel), it is most likely the Horton Living Room set. In Act 4, Salem goes from Day to Night.

The scenes are:
Act T-Scene F (pgs. 9-10) Jennifer, Daniel, Nicole, Rafe, EJ
Act I-Scene C (pgs. 15-17) Brady & Abigail arrive
Act 2-Scene E (pgs. 26-29)
Act 3-Scene D (pgs. 39-41)
Act 4-Scene C (pgs. 46-49) Rafe, EJ, Brady & Abigail leave (The note mentions that it goes from Day to Night starting with this scene)
Act 5-Scene A (pgs. 50-53) Nicole leaves
Act 7-Scene E (pgs. 72-73)

Also seen on the 47th anniversary: Sami is at the Brady Pub in Act 2-Scene C (pgs. 23-24), Brady & Abigail are in a public place at the beginning of the episode (with extras). Also, some extras playing Ciara's Friends are seen early in the episode.
Thanks Jason for details from MR's tweet ,sounds like Brady and Abigal may be new couple, wonder if Cameron is still on Days?
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