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Jul 28 2012, 07:57 AM
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The challenge for Tomsell is not only recapture the 175,000 women 18-49 who tuned out over the last year, but to also recapture the 250,000 who tuned out the year before. Thats a big ask - essentially to double up the current W18-49. They have to be firing on all cylinders when they return from the break.
I think the demos for the most part are a lost cause. And that's for any soap. All it shows is that perhaps they along with GH haven't lost a ton of viewers from a year ago but the audience is aging. Soaps have gotten away from the concept of multi generational viewing. I started watching AMC because my older sister did at the time.

You also have to look at the HH number not the viewing numbers. Days for example is still a 1.7 even though they gained so many viewers why? Because more people were watching TV at that time than the previous week and Days gained proportionately to the other shows airing at that time.

I'm more a believer that long term trends reflect show and story interest while a boost or drop from one week to the next reflects more on external factors influencing those increases or decreases.
If the demos are a lost cause, then the show is toast because thats all the advertisers and hence NBC care about. I think it can be done, but it requires a really good show that is consistent. B&B has shown it can be done. Tomsell showed it could be done in 2009, so its not totally without hope.
B&B did it with a very strong younger cast they invested in and a compelling triangle. They actually have some other younger cast members they are using more who are also decent, Kristolyn Lloyd for one. It's launched fresh story and relationships that viewers haven't seen for the last so many years. Sami and EJ and Rafe and Nicole are no longer fresh new or strong IMO. I think they have just exhausted so much story for them. It's how I feel about Sam Jason Sonnt Carly on GH and Nick, Sharon, and Phyllis on Y&R.
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