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Ian pours his heart out to Madison.
Abigail is trapped in an elevator with no way out.
Chad sees Melanie in Brady's arms.
Rafe surprises Sami.
Daniel starts to let Nicole down easy.

DVR alerts:
Monday, August 13
: Sami makes and announcement that surprises EJ and Will.
Friday, August 17: Melanie and Gabi are shocked, when they see who is brought into the hospital.


**UPDATED 8/4**

Monday, August 13th
E.J. risks his own life as he tries to save Sami; Kayla and Will prepare a triage center at the pub; Jack struggles with PTSD.

Tuesday, August 14th
Lucas loses consciousness; Jack is trapped; Daniel is determined to help Nicole; Abe is impressed with Theo.

Wednesday, August 15th
Ian makes a drunken confession to Kate; Melanie tries to revive Brady; Daniel frantically searches for Nicole.

Thursday, August 16th
Gabi worries she will be exposed; Melanie and her father are reunited; Kate attacks Ian; Nicole realizes she wants Daniel in her life.

Friday, August 17th
Kate learns that Lucas is done with Sami; Melanie gives Roman her statement; Daniel makes a decision.

**UPDATED 8/7**

Spoilers For August 13-17

As the smoke clears…

After the blast, Lucas, Roman and the cops are getting medical attention at the pub. A bloody Lucas goes in search of Sami but soon collapses. Back at the warehouse, Sami is dangling from the landing, where she and EJ argue about which of them should be left alive to look after the children. Before either of them can die, Will pops up to save them. He urges his boss to run for it. Before Elvis can go, Sami stops him in his tracks with a surprising statement. Later, when Will returns after finding his bloody father outside, he discovers his mother and EJ are long gone.
Ian corners Madison, proclaiming his love for her and explaining that his seduction of Kate was just a means to get access to the DiMera secrets. As he makes a passionate plea to her, Kate listens and it breaks her heart. Drunk, he finally turns to Kate and they have it out. He even admits that he’s the one who got rid of Stefano. She threatens to turn him in to the police. He threatens her back and leaves her shaken. Kate heads to the cops anyway. She runs into Lucas on the way. He informs his mom that he’s finished with Sami once again. Kate’s ecstatic that something good has come out of the disaster.

Nicole screams in pain as rubble falls on her. She calls out to Daniel for help. The doctor slowly makes his way through the dust but her crying stops before he can reach her. Bo joins him in the search but Nicole is nowhere to be found in the wreckage. Daniel panics. When he finally makes it outside, he finds Nicole in the square and in premature labor. As he manages to stop the baby from coming, she finally realizes that she’s fallen for him and wants to keep him in her life. At the same time, he realizes that she’s a complication he doesn’t want. What he really needs to do is concentrate on his daughter. When he runs into Maggie at the hospital, he tells her all of this. At that very moment, Nic runs into Father Matt and tells him that Daniel is the man for her and she’s determined to keep him. When the doctor shows up to dump her, she refuses to allow it.

Abby is trapped in the elevator and her parents attempt to reach her. Jack’s PTSD kicks in as he’s trapped in the elevator with his unconscious daughter. Rescuers manage to pry the door open and Jack shoves her out, only to have the doors shut upon him as another explosion hits.

Down in the tunnels, the collapse knocks Brady down. Mel does her best to revive him with her amazing nursing skills. As she holds him in her arms, Chad and Gabi arrive and spot them together. The four of them make their way out of the tunnel and reunite with their loved ones. Andrew is nowhere to be found. They head to the hospital to be checked over and give their statements to the cops. Gabi tries to confess everything to Chad, but he doesn’t understand what she’s saying.


Soaps.com Spoilers:
Week of August 13:

Monday August 13:
EJ has a hard time holding on to Sami.
Will arrives in time to rescue them.
Sami has a stunning announcement.
An injured Lucas looks for Sami.
Andrew escapes.
Mel and Brady are trapped together with a leaking gas pipe.
Ian pours his heart out to Madison.
Nicole fights terrible pain when she's trapped under debris.
Bo and Daniel frantically search for Nicole.
Abby is trapped in an elevator.
Jack has a PTSD attack.

Tuesday August 14:
Lucas passes out.
Sami disappears.
John, Marlena and Roman worry about their loved ones.
Jack overcomes his PTSD to save his daughter.
Abby reaches safety but Jack is caught in an explosion.
Nicole is nowhere to be found.
Theo uses his detective skills to find a little girl's mother.

Wednesday August 15.
John prays that his son is okay.
Kate and Ian have a drunken face-off and he admits to getting rid of her husband.
Chad and Gabi follow Brady and Mel's voices down the tunnel.
Chad is shocked to see Mel in Brady's arms.
Daniel finds Nicole in Horton Square and in labor.

Thursday August 16.
Mel is reunited with her father.
Gabi fears that she will be exposed.
Kate vows to turn Ian over to the Salem PD. That doesn't scare him much.
Ian threatens Kate.
Daniel halts Nicole's premature labor.
Nicole decides Daniel is the man for her.
Daniel decides being with Nicole isn't such a good idea.

Friday August 17.
Lucas tells his mother that he's finished with Sami.
Roman takes statements from everyone who was stuck underground.
Gabi wants to come clean with Chad.
Daniel tells Maggie about his problem with priorities.
Nicole opens up to Father Matt about her feelings for Daniel.
Nicole won't let Daniel dump her.

**UPDATED 8/9**

Monday ("The Aftermath of the Explosions")
Will rescues EJ and Sami from a deadly situation; Ian reveals his true feelings to Madison.

Tuesday ("Concerned for Sami")
John, Marlena and Roman worry about Sami's whereabouts; Jack fights through a tough situation in order to save Abigail.

Wednesday ("Ian's Betrayal")
A drunk Ian lets something slip to Kate; Chad is jealous of Melanie and Brady's embrace.

Thursday ("The Reunion")
Gabi worries her secret will be uncovered; Nicole realizes that Daniel is the man she wants.

Friday ("Lucas's Decision"
Kate is pleased by Lucas's decision; Nicole refuses to let Daniel end their relationship.
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