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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of August 13th
Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Ian pours his heart out to Madison? Fucking Pyscho! He should have been seeing Marlena for some therapy sessions. Run Madi, run!!! Ian crying over losing Madison....predictable (considering he tried to readdict Brady out of her life), not well scripted or acted out. (How did Brady recover so quickly? I guess he ran out of protien shake stuff)

Chad sees Melanie in Brady's arms? Unless they are lip-locked who cares. She had been kidnapped for a few weeks and was scared for her life, I too would hang on to the first person I see, that saves me. Thinking Brady & Melanie are going in each other's orbit, not Jen and Brady, as many suspect.

Rafe surprises Sami? Good God! Rafe to the rescue again, oh yeah, he just got his heart broken by her slutty sister, so he comes backs for more. Rafe you are so dumb! I hate how TPTB have crafted his character. Not a huge Rafe fan, but I think the writers could have done more, even if his acting is so-so. Rafe is much hotter then Daniel, although he is only 6 years younger, he doesn't looked like a washed-up, scruffy surfer dude.

Daniel lets Nicole down easy? EASY.... one last screw? hahaha!!! Daniel is now official the biggest ass-wipe in DAYS history. Daniel just loves to dump his women! WFT is up with that? Daniel is not lovable. TPTB need to get his sorry ass out of Salem.

BEST SPOILER......Abby is trapped in the elevator with no way out. The only spoiler that eludes to tension and drama.

These spoilers doesn't tell me what I really want to know after the (un) eventful explosions.
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