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Jul 24 2012, 03:04 PM
I watched the entire first and second season in a marathon and almost died from boredom. So many people told me it was the best series on TV so I persevered more than I normally would. It was well acted, but it is boring and except for the son, none of the characters are rootable at all - they are all horrible characters that deserve the pain and suffering they get.

When people tell me what they like about it, I realize they haven't watched really good tv. But you do watch good tv (based on your siggie) so please tell me what I am missing?
You are the only person who feels this way. Breaking Bad is the greatest show in TV history.

All the characters are unlikable? Well duh, the show is called fu*king BREAKING BAD. The decisions they make especially Walt aren't always the right ones. The characters aren't suppose to be likeable all the time, we are on for a hell of a ride to see what happens to them.

You obviously missed the point to the show.
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